Friday April 20, A.K.A 420 day. If you don't know what four-twenty day is in reference to, then it's not worth really explaining it to you. It's dumb all the way around. It's like a giant inside joke among a segment of the population. I will say it's probably a big day in Colorado and California. I'd assume that Willy Nelson and Snoop Dogg are having a big shindig today too.

Come to think of it, I don't know why I'm being so cagey. It's all about marijuana, because of something. I don't really know. It probably started as a code among some high school kids in the 1970's. CNN has a nice write up here if you'd like to start an argument.

Anyways, the reason I bring this up is because on Twitter today the Rapid City, South Dakota police department tweeted that they want to help folks celebrate 420 here in our state where the plant is still illegal.

That's right! The RCPD is helpfully reminding everyone about this amazing coincidence. 420 day is also Drug Dealer Recognition Day! To add to the festivities they'd like you to tag your friendly neighbor drug dealer on social media for them. I assume so they can stop by and say hi.

Now, this being the internet, I'm sure there is no way that this plan will go sideways and end up with people tagging others as a joke. In my experience people on social media and folks that enjoy a toke are very serious people and never goof-off.


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