This is the first full week of Fall, according to the calendar. Sure, it's kind of sad that Summer is officially over, but there are some good things too.

  1. Less shaving is required. Am I right, ladies?!
  2. Pumpkins! Not just for eating, but decorations too!
  3. Halloween! I love costumes and candy!
  4. Thanksgiving! Giving thanks and most importantly, eating a lot.
  5. Bring on layers of clothing! No more worrying about that bikini body!
  6. When I use my heater at work, people don't think I'm weird.
  7. Playing in a pile of leaves!
  8. No more mowing. Allergies be gone!
  9. Boots! Don't worry about a pedicure. Those toes are going into hiding.

However, some of these positives have a negative side.

For example:

  1. Harvest = Allergies.
  2. It's getting cold. Which leads to more cold.
  3. Have to wear socks again. Sandals are put away...for now.
  4. In order to play in that pile of leaves, someone has to rake them. Not to mention, they kind of stink and there are bugs in there.

No matter how you feel about the changing season, it's happening whether you like it or not. So might as well enjoy it! Throw on some cute boots and grab that pumpkin spice latte, but make sure you set it down before you jump in that pile of leaves! Most importantly, put that razor away!

shaving meme

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