Now that 'Pretty Little Liars' Season 4 is over it's time to start looking forward to Season 5. What can we expect in the upcoming season?

Continue reading on to catch up on all the spoilery goodness.

First and foremost, with the return of Ali, executive producer Marlene King says the season will "feel like a whole new show." Will Ali return to school? King revealed we will definitely find out in the first two episodes.

"It's going to shake Rosewood, I think -- not only the girls and their families, but just as a small town in general... I think the town's going to freak out," actress Sasha Pieterse said of her official return.

Two characters are also returning to Rosewood, fan favorite Caleb (who we already told you about) and Lucas! That's right, Lucas is coming back!

Teased Marlene King, "It's a season of reunions and homecomings and now that Ali's back, an army will be mobilized, but 'A's' not in it. Lucas will leave his bunk beds and head back to Rosewood High, and an unexpected 'PLL' will spiral with her boyfriend."

Could Hanna be spiraling with Caleb? King says Caleb "comes back a changed person." She would go on to explain, "And Hanna’s changing, too. With Alison back on the show, Hanna’s going through a bit of an identity crisis. And Caleb’s coming back going through a bit of a personal crisis as well. So we might see some interesting dynamics there."

Not too surprising for a guy who sort of dated a ghost on the spin-off show 'Ravenswood.'

As for the show's upcoming big 100th episode, which will see the return of actor Tyler Blackburn, King teased, "There will be a big reveal: One of our mysteries that we've had for a long time on the show will be revealed in the 100th."

The show will also explore where Jason was all season, seeing as he wasn't in rehab as everyone and their mother claimed, and fans will get closer to discovering who killed Wilden in the Season 5 premiere.

Not to mention that the next 12 episodes will deal with what secret Melissa Hastings has been keeping and just who is buried in Ali's grave.

Hey, it's not being called "the season of intrigue" for nothing.

'Pretty Little Liars' returns to ABC Family at 8PM ET on Tuesday, June 10.

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