The Keystone XL Pipeline is expected to carry crude oil from Canada to Texas with a path through South Dakota. And now that we have a new President, work on this project has stopped as Joe Biden stroked his pen and signed the order on Wednesday.

Both sides of the political fence have faced off over this pipeline for the last several years. Environmental groups and tribes have stalled the Keystone project several times. And in 2015 it was then-President Barack Obama who rejected the plan. President Donald Trump gave it new life.

In a report from Dakota News Now, those against the Keystone XL Pipeline say the project felt the possibility of damaging the environment was too high. And, KOTA reports that the Oglala Sioux Tribe is celebrating the act. Tribal President Kevin Killer says the President’s action “sends a strong message to tribal nations, and symbolizes a willingness to build on government-to-government relationships established through our treaties.”

How does South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem feel about the decision? “It’s unfortunate that President Biden is not standing up for American jobs and energy independence,” reported by Dakota News Now. The governor’s office says Trans-Canada energy, owners of Keystone XL, plans to challenge the revocation in court.

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