I thought I had heard a lot of slang in my days, and for the most part was always caught up on the latest. This past week my eyes, and ears were opened to a couple knew things.

My sister was talking about "Porch Pirates" in Denver, and how police are now using some traps to catch them.

Whats a Porch Pirate? According to Urban Dictionary

Person or persons who steal packages off of unsuspecting customers front door areas.

I had recently heard of this happening in Sioux Falls, but had no idea there was an official name for them.

In the ever back and forth battle between good guys and bad guys, cops and robbers, the police have some traps for the pirates.

To find out what some cops have in store for pirates trying to raid your porch check out this Today report here.

Big shout out to my sister Tessa for keeping her older brother up to date on the latest slang, I can continue to pretend to be cool for another week.

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