When was the last time you met someone named Barbara or George? There are some names that just aren't as common as they were in the past.  Here's a list of the most popular names by their respective decades.
From the Social Security Administration website, these were the top three names of the decade.  Starting with the 1950s...


  • Males: James, Michael, Robert
  • Females: Mary, Linda, Patricia


  • Males: Michael, David, John
  • Females: Lisa, Mary, Susan


  • Males: Michael, Christopher, Jason
  • Females: Jennifer, Amy, Melissa


  • Males: Michael, Christopher, Matthew
  • Females: Jessica, Jennifer, Amanda


  • Males: Michael, Christopher, Matthew
  • Females: Jessica, Ashley, Emily


  • Males: Jacob, Michael, Joshua
  • Females: Emily, Madison, Emma

Interesting...well if anything, the only name that continues to be in the top three since the 1950s is the name, Michael!  Click here to see more popular names by the decade!

What are some other names that you think should have been included in the most popular names by the decade lists?

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