Sioux Falls Police are attempting to find a mom who allegedly stabbed her 35-year-old daughter.

Police Spokesman Sam Clemens says an argument between the two turned violent Tuesday night.

"This lead to mom grabbing a knife and ended up stabbing her daughter on the leg. The daughter was able to get out of the apartment. She called a different relative who then in turn called police. Officers were able to find the daughter. She was taken to the hospital for her injuries. At this point we haven't found mom yet. But, we know who she is and she will likely face some charges once we find her."

Clemens says he's not sure what prompted the attack.

"That's a little unclear. Both of them were drinking. So that was probably a big factor involved in this. But we are still working on those details."

Once found, Clemens says the mom could face aggravated assault charges.

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