A 48-year-old Sioux Falls man fell victim to an IRS phone scam call!

"He received a phone call from somebody claiming to be with the Internal Revenue Service," according to Sioux Falls Police Department Information Officer Sam Clemens.

"The caller said the man owed the IRS $15,000. They then requested a Walmart prepaid card. Unfortunately, he went out and got two cards. The first one was for $500. The second for $375. The man called them back and gave them the numbers for the cards. After they wanted more money, he called the IRS and found out he didn't owe them any money. That's when he realized it was a scam."

Clemens says check with the IRS if you get one of these calls before sending money.

"The IRS isn't going to accept payment from a prepaid card or anything like that. If you get a call from someone claiming to be from the IRS and you are concerned, call the IRS first."

If you do send money, Clemens says chances are you will never get it back.

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