Sioux Falls Police are searching for a hit and run driver in connection with an incident at the eastside Walmart parking lot on Friday night.

“We had a husband and wife coming out of the store,” according to Police Spokesman Sam Clemens.

“The husband was unloading groceries into the car. There was a car next to them that started to back out. It actually drove over his foot and ankle. The driver then stopped while the car was still on his foot and ankle. The man’s wife went out and told the driver what happened. She moved off of him. When the wife went out to check on her husband, the driver left. We are trying to find out who she is.”

Clemens has this brief description of the car and driver.

“Dark colored four door sedan. The driver is a white woman around 85 to 90 years old, petite and blond hair.”

Clemens says the victim was not seriously hurt.

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