On Wednesday (April 11) a store owner near East Tenth Street and Franklin Avenue called police to report two men came in, grabbed a charity money box ran out. Police were so close to the store that when they arrived, the suspects were still in sight of the store owner.

According to Captain Loren McManus of the Sioux Falls police Department, officers approached the suspects, who both fled and after a short struggle were apprehended.

That’s when a woman approached police and said these were the same two men who had just stolen her cell phone and wallet she had placed on top of her car while loading her laundry back into her car at a nearby laundromat. She claimed the two ran past her car and grabbed her items on the way.

The suspects were charged with both crimes: William K. Andrews, 28, a known Sioux Falls transient was charged with two counts petty theft, obstruction and fleeing. Corey L Mathieu, 30, from Sioux Falls was also charged with two counts of petty theft and trespassing.

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