One person sits in jail, and three others remain in the hospital, as police continue to search for the reasons why a shooting happened Monday afternoon in a Sioux Falls neighborhood.

Dakota News Now is reporting that police took a man into custody Monday afternoon (June 29) in connection with a shooting that broke out inside a home near North Prairie Avenue and West First Street just after 2:30 PM.

The alleged shooter was apprehended by authorities nearly an hour later, in the area of Duluth Avenue and 2nd Street, just a few blocks away from the incident.

Police were able to track the suspect down thanks to surveillance footage that was obtained from a nearby home. The footage revealed what the suspect was wearing, and that allowed police to identify the shooter so quickly.

According to the report, the suspect in custody is described as a Native American or Hispanic man.

Police were first notified of the incident after receiving a shots fired call coming from a home in the Terrance Park neighborhood.

Sioux Falls Public Information Officer Sam Clemens told Dakota News Now, "The response time was very fast. Once the call came out about the shooting, we had a lot of officers that were in this area in a very short amount of time."

Dakota News Now reports that neighbors in the area were left feeling shocked that something like this could happen in what one resident described as "such a great" neighborhood.

Police are still attempting to determine the cause of the shooting, and if drugs and alcohol somehow played a part in the incident.

The identity of the suspect and the reasons why the shooting transpired are expected to be released in subsequent days as the investigation continues.

Source: Dakota News Now

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