I've said this on the air many times; Sioux Falls is not Mayberry anymore. The city is growing quickly and with that growth comes an unfortunate uptick in crime. We're not to the level of crime that you might find in Detroit, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't take common-sense precautions to secure property. That can be as easy as locking your car doors.

In Monday morning's police briefing, Sioux Falls Police Spokesman Sam Clemens talked about more guns being taken from unlocked cars in the city. Not just one or two guns; four guns were taken! Clemens said two pistols and two shotguns were taken from unlocked cars.

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It's mind-boggling to me that this continues to be an issue. If you are going to keep a gun in your car while you are out and about for the day, that's great. But Clemens says please take the firearm with you when you leave the car and please lock your doors.

The guns were taken from four different locations throughout the southwest part of the city. The first gun was sometime between Thursday evening and Friday morning in the 4900 block of S Emma Lane. The next was Friday evening or Saturday morning in the 900 block of Venture Pl. On Sunday evening a report came in from the 7500 block of West Grinnel Cir. An online report was filed for a gun taken at the 6300 block of Connie Ave. Clemens didn't have a specific day for this one.

Clemens said when guns are stolen from a car or by any other means, they are typically used in crimes here in Sioux Falls and some guns even end up being used in crimes in other states. He said a stolen gun can change hands many times and be used in several crimes.


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