Life in the joint is tough. But if you are a Playboy Playmate doing time, it gets even tougher.

We will tell you why in just a bit. First, let's talk about who she is and why she is in there in the first place.

Her name is Angie Vu. She is locked up in a Brooklyn, New York jail  fighting extradition to France for taking her 9-year old daughter in violation of the father's custody claim and is locked up until a federal judge rules.

Now for the trouble she's having in there. She tells The New York Daily News that her five months have been "torture" and "cruel" because of her lack of access to beauty care.

Among her complaints: "turning pale" in the "harsh light"; lack of "Guerlain's moisturizer"; inability to look at herself for months because glass mirrors are prohibited and "worrying" about being hit on by "lesbians" which she claims causes "wrinkles."

Source: Radio Online

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