If you love pizza and food challenges, then Sharky's Pizzeria in South Sioux City invites you down to their establishment to take on their massive "Great White" pizza.

According to the Sioux City Journal, owner Jim Symons Jr. calls it, "the largest pizza in the tri-state area, the pizza, literally, takes up the size of an entire restaurant table." The size dimensions on this colossal pie are 30-inch-by-41-inch, which equals about 100 slices.

One topping would cost you around $60. Two toppings around $75 and three toppings $95. Only up to three toppings, but I mean, why would you want to add more to this pizza beast!

They are located at 103 E. 8th Street, the restaurant also offers other popular items including chicken wings, cheeseburgers, onion rings and so much more! So if you think you and your crew can handle this monster, head on down to South Sioux City, you might need to walk back to Sioux Falls to burn off the calories!

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