It is a crime that pops up occasionally in Sioux Falls. A dog was stolen while the owner was away.

Sioux Falls Police Public Information Officer Sam Clemens gives the basics on what transpired in the 300 block of North Blauvelt Avenue when the report was filed late Friday afternoon.

“An apartment was entered and somebody broke in and took a dog. It doesn’t sound like anything else was taken. The dog had been kenneled when the owner got a hold of a friend to come over and let the dog out. The friend arrived and they found a broken window and the dog was missing.”

The dog is a male pit bull about one-year-old and the kennel was still inside the apartment. Clemens says in a general sense, finding stolen dogs can be a hit or miss proposition.

“We’ve had a few where dogs have been taken from a back yard then a few days later the dog suddenly shows back up again. If the dogs are running around after getting out of their leash, Animal Control has pretty good luck with finding stray dogs. If somebody took them and is keeping them inside, it makes it rather difficult for us.”

Clemens notes the more common tools used to find missing dogs are social media and word-of-mouth campaigns. In this case, the dog-nappers are still at large with no current leads on suspects.


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