If you have a chance to see Pink in concert. Do it! Don't worry about the money, just do it. Even if you're not a huge fan (but, like, why wouldn't you be?) this show will entertain you!

The concert had everything!

Great light show? Yup!


Dancing? You betcha.

Confetti? Check.

Pyro? For sure.

More fire? Most certainly.

Sentimental moments that will make you cry? Yes. Wait. Is that just me?

Pink dangling from the ceiling on more than one occasion? The girl barely touched the ground!

Honestly, this show is in my top three shows of all time. I'm not even sure who else is up there, but Pink is towards the top for sure!

She could have done this show without half of the things mentioned above and it still would have been spectacular because her songs and vocals are just that good. But you add in some razzle dazzle and I literally lost my sh&^!

The first ten minutes, I didn't know where to look or what to do! Then I was jumping up and down subconsciously and then before I knew it I was crying. Pink really knows how to take you on a ride.

The only slight disappointment I had, was that she didn't do her song from The Greatest Showman Reimagined. If I could have heard "A Million Dreams" live, that would have really been the cherry on top of the frosting on top of the cake.

The whole show was about inclusion and empowerment and believing in yourself. I seriously left that show feeling like I could change the world because Pink said I could. Make America Pink Again!



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