If you've golfed any course around Sioux Falls you have more than likely been confronted by a goose or two. They are especially thick at Baker Crossing, Elmwood, & Prairie Green golf courses in the city.

The geese love the plush ponds, and lakes, located throughout golf courses. And they appreciate the ample food found in and around the waterways.

The geese tend to be especially testy in the springtime when they are nesting. They don't like it when someone invades any are near their nesting homesteads.

So what happens when you waggle a little to close to a gaggle? A Concord, Michigan High School golfer found out.

Isaac Couling  was golfing in a tournament at Wolf Creek Golf Course in Adrian, Michigan when he was attached by one pissed off honker.

It's reported that he and some fellow golfers were walking down fairway #7 on the course when strayed a bit too close to a mother goose and she did what a mamma goose does...she goosed him.

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