Public school teachers in Oklahoma are in day three of their walkout this week. Teachers and supporters have been rallying at the state capital in Oklahoma City since Monday (April 2). The teachers are asking for a restoration of state education funding.

In Oklahoma teacher pay and education funding have been historically low, with teacher compensation near, or at, the bottom in the nation. Additionally, many parents and students have been using social media to showcase the declining state of their school buildings and books.

We are walking because, despite the historic down payment made by lawmakers this week, politicians have already gone back on their promises and have begun dismantling the funding needed to pay for the bill signed by Governor Fallin. It’s political stunts like these and years of irresponsible budgeting and broken promises that got us into this mess, to begin with. And it’s why Oklahomans from all political stripes and from every corner of this state don’t trust their own legislators to actually fix the problems facing our students. Lawmakers can begin restoring trust with teachers and students by keeping their word.

For more background on the walkout you can go here. Here are some pictures from the first day of the rally.

Oklahoma Teachers Walkout April 2018

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