The weather has been super nice and all the gyms are closed, so I've been going for walks. A lot. I'm almost outdoorsy now. Well, not quite.

Anyway, while out for my walks, I've noticed some weird stuff and figured I'd share it with you. I mean, it's not like you have anything better to do. Right?

Odd Items Found On a Sioux Falls Walk

What have I learned from this? Well, there were actually more beer bottles and liquor bottles than that, but I gave up taking pictures. I know we aren't allowed to go to bars right now, but that's no excuse to litter your liquor and beer cans/bottles everywhere! Pick up after yourself! How rude!

And for real, what logo is that on the hub cap?

I see more walks in my future so this may be 'To Be Continued'.

Seriously though, do not litter!

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