When I got my vaccine card I was a little surprised it was hand-written, like a medical chart from 1947. I was surprised because if minors can produce perfect fake IDs to get into bars, faking a vaccine record will be a piece of cake.

An example of this rather obvious hole in the system being exploited, although not without consequence, is 34-year-old Tangtang Zhao. According to NPR, the Chicago pharmacist was just indicted on twelve counts of theft of government property.

Zhao worked for an unnamed nationwide pharmacy chain that was providing inoculations and issuing vaccine record cards to those who were given the shot. So Zhao swiped a bunch of the authentic Centers for Disease Control cards and was selling them on eBay for $10 a pop. That could get him ten years in prison for each count, a total of 120 years.

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Fake copies of vaccine cards have turned into a bit of a black market on the Internet. Back in June someone was selling them on Amazon but was eventually taken off the site. Even the fake cards are no joke. Unauthorized use of an official government agency's seal can get you a hefty fine or up to five years in the clink. If you try to use a fake card to prove your vaccination status that can get you charged with forging documents. States are now also planning legislation to make it a felony to fake those cards.

But as we all know, criminals tend to be not great at following laws.

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