There's a petition going around suggesting the United States give the northwest uppermost part of Minnesota to Canada - seriously. An actual petition has been created asking that very question - should we need to give part of Minnesota to Canada?

The anonymous petition, posted on the White House website, claims Minnesota's "Northwest Angle" was created in error by a surveyor's mistake some 200 years ago, and the 600 square miles of scenic land should fall under the Maple Leaf flag rather than the American flag.

Back in the 1990's fishing resorts on both sides of the border actually got into a heated argument over fishing restrictions given the fact 80% of the area in question is water. The battle has since been settled. However, the Red Lake nation which owns much of the angle says the land belongs to their tribe and should not be handed over to Canada.

So far, the online petition only has about 2-thousand signatures. It needs a minimum of 100-thousand to get the attention of the Trump administration. Stayed tuned.

Source: Associated Press

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