Pepsi is changing the soda game once again with their latest creation. The company that originally was created and developed in 1893, is launching the first ever, "Nitro Soda" that in a way is made just like beer.

According to Delish, Pepsi’s VP of Marketing Todd Kaplan said in a statement: “Cola has been the same for 125 years as a category and, yeah, there's been changes in flavor and packaging, things of that sort, but the idea of carbonation has never really come off of it because it's so identifiable with soda, as we started getting into this process with putting nitrogen in, Nitro Pepsi came about...It’s undeniably Pepsi, but it’s not soda.”

The drink is meant to be consumed cold, but not over ice and word has it, it tastes like a Pepsi float. Now there is no release date as of yet, the soda is in the developmental stages as executes are planning on sampling the drink during the Super Bowl in Atlanta. The soda will come in two flavors: signature cola and vanilla.

Source: Delish

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