We all know how easy it can be to move things around on a store's display at times.

And sales associates may not have time to come back and redo their displays in the middle of their shift during a busy day; especially during a holiday weekend.

And now people on social media have been saying they plan to boycott the craft and hobby supply store as a result of what one person did in a Hobby Lobby location that hasn't been disclosed.

Business Insider picked up the story and said that this post picked up steam on Sunday and has been liked over 33,000 times.

Hobby Lobby also faced some backlash for their decision when it came to closing their stores earlier this year:

"Hobby Lobby drew additional ire in 2020 when it illegally reopened stores in states with stay-at-home mandates calling for the closure of non-essential businesses to prevent the spread of the coronavirus"- Business Insider.

It appears Hobby Lobby has become the face for yet another issue that people don't agree with from one point of view or another.

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