Pentatonics is by definition:

  • relating to, based on, or denoting a scale of five notes, especially one without semitones equivalent to an ordinary major scale with the fourth and seventh omitted.
  • A kick ass a cappella group!

It's both! Totally makes sense why they call themselves that, right? So clever! Get it, there are five of them and notes and scales and singing and a cappella and stuff.

Pentatonix have shaken up the world of a cappella ever since they won NBC's The Sing Off back in 2011 on the show's third season. (Personal rant here: I loved that show. Why isn't it still on? It didn't get the recognition it deserved! Way better than Idol or The Voice. Plus, who knew Ben Folds was a such a musical nerd/prodigy. Rant over.)

Pentatonix have even dared to do what a lot of a cappella groups never have, they released original songs. Pentatonix is more than just covers, however, they are really good at those too.

For example, last week a duet of Pentatonix singing with Dolly Parton on Dolly's quintessential song, "Jolene" hit the internet and the world will never be the same.

It is so good, you guys.

And just for good measure here is the performance that made me fall in love with Pentatonix during their time on The Sing Off. 


Pentatonix will be in Sioux Falls at the Denny Sanford Premiere Center on Monday, October 24. Tickets are available now!