Magnolia, Minnesota’s mystery man wanted for murder in Pennsylvania was revealed on Friday. It turns out it was the last known address for the fugitive.

He is sixty-one-year-old Charles Cook who faces homicide charges for a 1991 shooting that caused the death of 76 year-old Myrtle McGill in Indiana County, Pennsylvania. Cook was found in Minnesota, but is officially homeless.

Police revealed how they traced the killing back to Cook through a combination of DNA left on a cigarette which matched a sample taken from an arrest in Worthington, Minnesota almost a year ago. The cigarette was found in McGill’s car that was stolen after the shooting.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune looked into his criminal background and found crime convictions from Washington State in 1998 and 1999. After being paroled in 2004, Cook roamed through various states with stops in Ohio, Illinois, California, North Dakota and Minnesota.

Cook was required to give DNA because of his status as a sex offender which gave authorities another way to keep tabs on him. At the press conference announcing the findings, authorities reassured the public that the crime was random in nature.

A recent unconnected arrest for assault in Minnesota means Cook will remain in custody and await for extradition to Pennsylvania.

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