A few weeks ago there was story about a pee wee football coach who was fired for making a bully run laps. Well in September, Montreal-area minor league hockey coach named Louis Isabella, who coaches the Lac St-Louis AAA pee-wee team, has been suspended for making players do push-ups as a punishment for losing 7-2. The story says the exact number isn't known, but is somewhere between 50-100. The team is made up of 11 and 12 year olds.

The league thought this was too much and decided to suspended the coach for the entire year. Patrick Marineau of Hockey Quebec spoke to The Hockey News in early October about the incident, saying:

“You basically rely on common sense,” Marineau said. “The number of pushups isn’t important. Whether it was 100 or 300 or 500 doesn’t make a difference. We are completely against this kind of practice. It’s 2016 and people have to realize that.”

The suspension is in place until May 2017. If this were your kid's coach, what would have been your reaction to pushups after a loss?

Source: 2.tsn.ca

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