Somewhere out in the multiverse, there’s an Earth — let’s call it Earth-NC — where the pandemic never happened, and Wonder Woman 1984 opened in theaters back in June and became a massive hit. There’s also another Earth — Earth-CBAGP — where there coronavirus pandemic still happened, but American got its act together enough to reopen movie theaters safely over the summer, and Wonder Woman 1984 was just about to open on August 14. Unfortunately we live on Earth-1, the worst Earth, where the pandemic still continues to rage and WW1984 is now opening at the very earliest in October. The darkest timeline, etc. etc.

Even with the movie months away, director Patty Jenkins is still giving some interviews about the sequel — and about the possibility of her directing a third Wonder Woman down the road. Via Coming Soon, Jenkins told a German magazine that she’s looking forward to a Wonder Woman 3 with the understanding that it will “probably” be her last film in the series.

Here’s the quote:

[Wonder Woman 1984] gave me a chance to do a lot of things that I couldn’t accommodate in the first movie... I was so happy to tell the Wonder Woman origin story. It was almost her birth, but we really haven’t seen what she is capable of. It is exciting for me to show her at the peak of her strength. But it is also very important that she fights an internal struggle: she is a Goddess and tries to help humanity. She is not only someone who fights evil, she tries to show bad people how to improve. It’s an interesting dilemma. The next one is probably my last Wonder Woman movie, so I have to put everything I want to show there. We have to think carefully.

It’s tough to judge what a Wonder Woman 3 might look like since we haven’t even seen Wonder Woman 2 yet. But we still really want to see Wonder Woman 2! Does anyone have a cosmic treadmill we could use to head over to Earth-NC? That would be great. Otherwise, let’s cross our fingers for Wonder Woman 1984 on October 2.

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