Have you ever wondered what happens if a passenger dies while on board a flight? On TikTok, a flight attendant has gone viral with a video revealing what airlines do in the event of a mid-flight death.

TikTok user @danidboyy1, who works as part of the crew for Emirates airline, detailed the actions a flight crew will take if a passenger dies during a flight.

She shared that airlines typically store "body bags" on their aircrafts in the case of an in-flight death. However, crew "can't legally declare someone dead," and therefore can't fully close the bag over the the body's "face."

"If the captain decides to not divert the plane the body will remain on the aircraft until the final destination is reached," she explained.

User @danidboyy1 noted that depending on space, the "body may be moved" to a different part of the plane, but if the flight is "full," the body will remain in the passenger's "original seat" until the plane reaches its destination.

Watch the clip below:

TikTok users commented on the video, with many "traumatized" just by the thought of someone dying on their flight.

"Imagine that person sitting next to a dead body because the captain won't divert the plane and the flight is full... I'm traumatized just by thinking of it."

"I would have a panic attack if I had to sit next to a dead body... I would be so traumatized after that," another commented.

Others shared their actual real-life experiences with witnessing mid-flight deaths and other emergencies.

"They moved them to a bathroom on a flight I was on," one person wrote.

"It once happened to me on a flight! The captain diverted and did an emergency landing and they took the corpse out of the plane," another shared.

"If I died in First or Business class, do not dare move me to Economy. I paid for my seat for the full journey," someone else joked.

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