It’s one of life’s little annoyances – coughing up cash to keep your car in one place.

Little did Henry Ford know that when he came up with the assembly line that would churn out car after car that entire industry would be dedicated to keeping vehicles parked for a price.

A hefty price, in some instances.

Whether it’s a meter or a valet, parking is big business. And, then, of course, there are lots: a lot is a location dedicated solely to keeping cars parked for fistfuls of cash that most people would rather use to sock away for retirement, as a down payment on a new home or even an enema.

NFL football returned to Los Angeles this month and prices to park in the area, well, let’s just say it’d help to make an NFL player’s salary to afford it.

And that got us thinking: what’s the maximum amount of money you’ll fork over to park your car? Sure, it may depend on the event. You’re probably willing to pay more for a football game than, say, if you’re just running into town to knock off a half-hour’s worth of errands. We get it. But at what point do you simply say, “I will not pay that much?”

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