Just the thought of living in a state like South Dakota is enough to scare you know what out of a lot of people in this country.

Once they hear about the typical South Dakota winter months, with all the snow and bitter cold temps we have to contend with most years, most folks, especially those who live on the coasts, have a tendency to say, NO FREAKING WAY would I move there.

Conversely, there are those of us, like me for instance, who watch all the nonsense that happens in some of these larger metropolitan cities on a daily basis, and that is a far scarier thing than being forced to watch the movie The Exorcist alone, in the dark, on Friday the 13th in the Amityville Horror House.

Come to find out, when it comes to a good scare, South Dakota is actually one of the scarier states in the nation. Now to clarify, I'm talking about things like paranormal activity, UFO sightings, and other supernatural events.

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The website Great Lakes Stakes lists South Dakota as the 12th scariest state in the country when it comes to your odds of seeing the supernatural.

That is when you combine the various supernatural experiences a person can have, along with the population base of each state. Once you do that, South Dakota ranks #12 on their list.

I would have to agree, growing up here in Sioux Falls, I lived in what most people would consider being a haunted house on Western Avenue. I won't give out the address to protect the poor family living there now.

No need to send out an open invitation to every paranormal researcher in a five-state region to knock on their door for a look-see. However, I can say, when I lived in this house in the late 70s and early 80s some weird-ass things would happen quite frequently in this place.

Take, for instance, a sewing machine that would run on its own, without being plugged into the wall. Oh yeah, did I mention, it was not battery-operated! HELLO!

There was also the time when our family room furniture just re-arranged itself while we were on vacation. I must say, you haven't lived until you've had a ghost that doubles as an interior decorator. Talk about handy!

Or how about the time when my family woke up to find the kitchen table was set for breakfast, just one problem, none of us did it.

Hey, at least Hazel the ghost could have whipped up some bacon and eggs while she was at it. Come on Hazel, get with the program! I want my bacon crispy!

The folks at Great Lakes Stakes say you're more likely to see a Ghost than a Grey living in South Dakota. Evidently, there have been more recorded ghost sightings than UFO sightings in the Rushmore State according to their data.

If you're hoping to see aliens, the extraterrestrial type, not illegals. Move to California. Although, having said that, it does sound like California has an abundance of both.

Great Lakes Stakes reports the Golden State is the UFO capital of America, with an incredible 15,072 extraterrestrial sightings on record.

Regardless of what state you're living in, these days it's probably a good idea to have your smartphone handy at all times. You never know when you might have a run-in with a spook, specter, or spaceman.

And living in a state like South Dakota, supposedly your odds are better than most.

Source: Great Lakes Stakes


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