When doing a full search through the list of sex offenders in the state of South Dakota, it was astonishing to learn the number of those that are listed.

Would you believe there are over 4,000 listings? Almost 1,200 live in Minnehaha County. 61 have addresses in Lincoln County.

With the South Dakota Sex Offenders Registry you can search by city and county to know where they live.

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Each individual on the registry has their complete description, address, and crime they committed.

According to the Office of the Attorney General, in 2006 the South Dakota State Legislature amended the sex offender registry laws to provide a public access internet site that lists all offenders registered in the State.

Earlier this week, the South Dakota State Legislature presented an amended bill by the Senate Judiciary Committee that would change a misdemeanor for sexual contact to a felony.

Senate Bill 77A is designed to close a loophole that allows sex offenders to face light charges even though they have been previously convicted of similar behavior.

The Division of Criminal Investigation is mandated by state and federal laws to establish and maintain a registry of convicted sex offenders living in South Dakota. The purpose of this registry is to provide information to the public regarding offenders living within their community.

Sex offenders are required by law to notify law enforcement of the change of address within three business days.


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