This is the time of the year that lakes are scattered with ice houses some are pretty basic and some are pretty fancy, but either way, I would not have the guts to stay overnight in any of them I am way too paranoid. So if you are someone like me that would think it would be fun to go out on the lake and fish for a little while, have a cocktail or two and maybe some food, I found the perfect place for you.

It is called the Igloo Bar and it is located on Lake Of The Woods, right out on the frozen lake. It actually looks like a giant igloo too, but that is actually a cover to make it look so realistic. The bar is located on the United States side of the border with Canada, and is run by Zippel Bay Resort.

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Before you head out to the bar you need to stop at the main lodge where you can purchase a fishing license, get a road map, and be aware the resort does charge a fee to use their ice roadways go out there by car (or any of their fishing destinations, if you're not staying at the resort). This is a great experience if you just want to go hang out for a little while and then head back onto land and you can also do a little ice fishing when you are out there.

Photo: The Wild Rover Via YouTube
Photo: The Wild Rover Via YouTube

For a small fee, you can have your own little fishing hole in the ice that they rent out by the hour. They have a full bar, televisions, and food plus heated outhouses. We still have a lot of winter left so if this is something you would like to try out now you know where to go.

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