When was the last time you looked through your change? Many of us barely notice it at all, only glancing briefly while looking for a nickel or dime in the drive-thru.

As it turns out, a small fortune could be hiding in plain sight, and we can thank the U.S. mint for that.

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Did you know that the U.S. actually has four different places where we make our money? The U.S. mint locations are in Philadelphia, San Francisco, Denver, and West Point. Fort Knox, Kentucky also harbors the nation's bullion.

Back in 1982, the U.S. Mint in Philadelphia made a slight error when they were making their dimes. This was extremely rare for the Mint to make such a mistake, in fact, according to resources, it was the first time such an error was ever made at that particular mint, which says something about how thorough they typically are.

Why is the 1982 Philadelphia Dime Valuable?

Normally, our coins have a small letter located just above the year on the heads side up. In the case of coins at the Philadelphia the letter is a "p", which of course stands for "Philadelphia". On that pressing of the dimes, for whatever reason, the "p" wasn't there.

By the time government officials realized the error, it had been too late and the coins had already gone into circulation.

So, just how much can you get one of these dimes for? On average, you can get around $250 bucks for one.

This might be a good time to take a look at that change that's been lying under your couch cushion.

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