Ready, Set, GO! While it's only the beginning of August it's always a good reminder that we aren't too far away from fall and now is the time to get in that remaining summer fun while you can. We didn't do a ton of this growing up but I'm pretty sure I can remember every single time my parents took our family to a go-kart track.

I remember going when I was too short to drive the kart and had to ride shotgun. I remember going with family friends, and I remember how much fun it was whenever we were lucky enough to go. Did you know Waterloo has one of the longest go-kart tracks in the entire midwest? It's located at a place you've likely heard of before and probably have been to. It's located here!

Lost Island Theme Park
Lost Island Theme Park

According to Lost Island Themepark, it is home to Monaleo's Speedway and it's one of the longest go-kart tracks in the entire midwest. Imagine all of the fun your entire family could have, spending a day speeding around and competing for first place. My only rule growing up was to not let my dad or older brother win when we would race. If mom won, I was fine with that. Just don't tell her I'd let her win sometimes.

After only living in Iowa for about 6 months, I never knew this gem of a track was sitting right in front of me. I knew Lost Island had go-karts but I didn't know how amazing the track was supposed to be.

Not only can you enjoy speeding around this track but afterward you can visit the water park, mini golfing, or make a weekend out of it, and enjoy camping at their island-themed campground right behind the park.

According to Lost Island Waterpark Facebook page, they currently have a deal during Irish Fest, which is underway this weekend. You'll receive $5 off of your Waterpark admission if you have a valid 2022 Irish Fest ticket or event wristband.

Here is your friendly reminder to not let this summer pass you by. Get out and enjoy the warm weather while we have it. Right around October, I'm always guilty of thinking "man I should've gone to that" or "I should've done that this summer." I didn't know we had one of the longest go-kart tracks in the midwest, right in our backyard.

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