When President-elect Joe Biden moves into the White House, his fur-family will join him.

Biden and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, are bringing their two dogs, Major and Champ, with them to Washington, D.C. in January. The best part? Biden's adopted German shepherd, Major, will become the first rescue dog to live in the White House.

The Bidens got Champ as a puppy in 2008, while Biden was serving as vice president under Obama. They adopted Major, a German Shepherd, from the Delaware Humane Association after fostering him in 2018. Champ and Major are ready for the limelight: They even already have their own Twitter account, @First_Dogs_USA!

"We’re so proud of our dad @JoeBiden, the first ever presidential candidate to receive 75 million votes. But Major will be setting a record of his own as he's the first ever rescue pupper to live in the WH. We’re gonna play all day & receive countless treats! #DOTUS #FirstDogs," the dogs tweeted.

In 2018, Major, along with his five siblings, were brought to the Delaware Humane Association as puppies after they were exposed to toxins. The litter underwent emergency medical care and were all later adopted.

According to The News Journal, Ashley Biden found a Facebook post saying the shelter was looking for homes for the puppies and forwarded it to her dad. Biden wanted to adopt a younger dog to be companion for his older dog, Champ. Biden ended up fostering and eventually adopting Major.

The Bidens will bring back the tradition of the "First Pet" in the White House after President Donald Trump's four dog-less years. During a 2019 rally in Texas, Trump said he did not have a dog because he thought it would seem "phony" and that he was too busy.

Trump was the first president since President James K. Polk in 1845 to not have a pet in the White House.

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