To what extent would you go to try and win a bet with a friend? Former Minnesota Vikings Player Jared Allen, proving he'd go to massive lengths. The beloved retired Vikings player might be done playing for the NFL, but his competitive spirit remains strong.

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A few years ago Allen made a bet with his buddy Brandon Moles that he could make a U.S. Olympics team. When badminton he realized wasn't that easy, he decided to try his hand at curling and he's showing the world of curlers, him and his team are a force to be reckoned with.

If you've ever tried curling before, it's not quite as easy as it looks. I've tried playing a few times in my life and it really is a game of finesse and precision. But it's a sport that is ruled by Minnesotans and currently a team being led by a Minnesota native, has been upsetting in the 2023 USA Curling National Championships happening right now through February 11 in Denver, Colorado.

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Team Smith, led by Minnesota Native Jason Smith, also includes teammates Jared Allen, Domenik Maerki, Hunter Clawson and Eli Clawson. The group proved they came to play, as shared by USA Curling, when they;

Started the event with an upset 10-6 win over the team lead by 2018 Olympic Gold Medalist and five-time National champion John Schuster (John Schuster, Chris Plys, Matt Hamilton, John Landsteiner, Colin Hufman).


Curling - Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Day 14
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Allen's team also upset Team Ruohnen later on that same day. However, there are still more games to go with more info on it HERE. But they're hoping to be good enough in these games to get to the World National Championships in Ottawa, Canada this April and eventually maybe even the Olympics in 2026.

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Still has a bit to go before making the Olympic team, but Allen admits to Yahoo, "he won't continue his pursuit past the 2026 Games, citing the immense amount of travel and practice involved". So here's to wishing one of my favorite former Minnesota Vikings Player the best at his endeavor and hoping you win that bet against your friend and get to represent the United States of America at the Olympics in three years.

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