The modern cult classic movie The Room, is getting a nationwide release, so now we can see it on the big screen in Sioux Falls.

Spurred by the success of The Disaster Artist, the movie about the making of The RoomFathom Events is showing the original in theaters for one night on January 10.

Often called the best bad movie ever, it tries to tell a dramatic story about a love triangle, it fails at every level, but in such a fascinating and entertaining way that the film is a singular experience.

The Room originally came out in 2003. Written, directed and starring the dracula-esq Tommy Wiseau, the film was a critical and commercial flop. At first. It soon caught the eyes of film students and and other movie-lovers in Los Angeles and began a life as a midnight movie in the style of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The crowds started interacting with the movie in a communal celebration of the oddity. They yell at the scree, recite lines, throw plastic spoons and toss around footballs (all that makes sense once you've see it).

Once released on DVD the move reached true cult status as it made it way across the world in true viral fashion. When I first saw it I was transfixed. It made no sense, but in a way that made me have to see what happened next. I have since seen the movie dozens of times, enjoying it more each viewing. Especially with the Rifftrax.

Now, we can go all in on the full The Room experience: in the theater with a crowd in our city. The one night event is 8:00 PM Wednesday, January 10, 2018. The movie will be shown in Sioux Falls at Cinemark Century Stadium 14 on South Carolyn Avenue and at Century East at Dawley Farm.

Hopefully I won't forget me underwears and keep my insults in my pocket. No word on if they will be serving half pesto and artichoke, half pineapple and Canadian bacon pizzas. Also, see  The Disaster Artist or read the book of the same name, both are really great. Cheep, Cheep.

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