I remember seeing this video a few years ago when it first was being shared on the internet. A recent episode of Paranormal Caught On Camera recently featured footage from it.

A family is celebrating Christmas in their home, and they happen to capture footage of something strange in the woods. It's now been seen over 2.5 million times on YouTube. Check the video out, and I'll explain why this has to be a hoax.

Some people are calling it compelling, I think it's a guy in a gorilla suit and it was all staged. Here's why.

Just Happened To Be Filming The Window.

The woman holding the camera is supposedly filming her family wishing her "Merry Christmas!" Then she pans over to the tree, then she pans over to the window for absolutely no reason and pauses. The only reason was is she was making sure she was catching whoever was walking out there. This was planned.

North By Wildwest YouTube
North By Wildwest YouTube

Classic Bigfoot Walk

When you see the "bigfoot" walk by, it doesn't appear that tall. And it's walking in the classic bigfoot walk that was first found in the Patterson - Gimlin video from 1967.

Nobody Is That Scared

If you saw a bigfoot walking in the woods, you would definitely have adrenaline pumping. Even experienced hunters who have had alleged sightings in the woods were freaked out to the point that they never hunted again. To be calmly filming this and walking outside is not how a person would react.

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Of Course The Dog Is Going To Bark At It & Aren't You Worried About The Dog?

North By Wildwest YouTube
North By Wildwest YouTube

A lot of people comment saying that the dog's reaction "seals the deal" and it's the real thing. No, it's not. This dog would be barking at anything walking by in the woods. If it was truly frightened it would have cowered back to the owners. As a dog owner myself, I would be grabbing my dog and bring it close to me so it wouldn't chase it or get attacked.

There's No Specific Location, Just General Region

If you look up any real Bigfoot sighting or report it gives specific details like time of day and exact location. Northern Minnesota is a big area. I think they want to keep it generic because 1. They don't want people snooping around their house, 2. They want to stay anonymous because it's not real.

"The Family Goes Inside Slightly Frightened"

Slightly frightened? If you saw one of the most mythical creatures in folklore, you'd be crapping your pants and not going out after dark ever again. Guaranteed.

That Doesn't Mean Bigfoot Doesn't Exist

I'm not calling this video a hoax because I don't believe in bigfoot. I've heard convincing stories that have left me open to the possibility that something silly like Bigfoot could exist. We don't know everything! But, when something is clearly a hoax, it's our job to not believe it so that we can get some real, truthful answers out there.

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