Republicans will still need to approve the choice, but Kristi Noem who is her party’s candidate for Governor wants a west river rancher to join her on the ticket.

It was announced on a campaign video that Noem has pegged Representative Larry Rhoden to be Lt. Governor who has served in the State Legislature for nearly twenty years. That includes during the two terms that Noem also served in Pierre.

“Larry, like most ranchers, is plain spoken, direct, and honest. That’s why I trust him, and why I chose him to serve as Lieutenant Governor.”

Both Noem and Rhoden have agricultural upbringings and Rhoden understands the industry’s importance to the state.

“Agriculture is king in South Dakota. It’s a $25 billion industry. Those are the types of issues that weigh on Kristi’s heart and I think she has the ability to find solutions and to move us forward.”

Before Rhoden is officially installed in the capacity as nominee for Lt. Governor, the delegates to the state Republican Convention must approve the choice at their forum in Pierre this weekend.

The Democrats recently approved the ticket of Billie Sutton for Governor and Michelle Lavallee for Lt. Governor and the Libertarian Party nominees are Kurt Evans for Governor and Richard Shelatz for Lt. Governor.

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