Welcome to the summer of 2020, where many signature family fun events and vacation destinations around the Sioux Empire continue to be MIA, thanks to COVID-19.

One of the biggies in this region each summer, just pulled the plug for the remainder of the year on Tuesday (August 4).

According to Dakota News Now, this area's largest amusement park, Valley Fair, in Shakopee, Minnesota, made it official on Tuesday, they intend to stay closed for the remainder of 2020, due to continuing concerns over the coronavirus.

If you were still holding out hope that you would be able to pack up Aunt Edna, and the kids, in the Queen Family Truckster, and hit the highway to visit the region's favorite family fun-park, which is just a mere 4-short hours away, think again Clark!

That's not going to happen, until 2021, unfortunately.

What's that you say, they don't close Valley Fair? They did this year, thanks to our old friend Rona.

Valley Fair issued a press release on Tuesday stating, " Although we have done our due diligence in developing a comprehensive safety plan in accordance with industry and public health standards, the continued uncertainty in our region surrounding COVID-19 as well as the diminishing number of calendar days left in the 2020 season, has brought us to the difficult decision to keep the park closed for the rest of the year.”

You can almost hear John Candy say, "Sorry folks, no Corkscrew, Wild Thing, Soak City, and Planet Snoopy for you this summer. The giant Rona sign out front should have told you."

There is some good news, in all of this, if you have a Valley Fair season pass for 2020, it is now valid through 2021.

Well, looks like we'll need to move on to Plan B now. Hey Ellen, how far was the Largest Ball of Twine from Sioux Falls again?

Source: Dakota News Now

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