The storm that ran through Sioux Falls Saturday brought rain, hail and wind but no tornadoes. That's the conclusion of Warning Coordination Meteorologist Todd Heitkamp from the Sioux Falls office of The National Weather Service. What did cause lots of damage in southern Sioux Falls Saturday was a microburst, a column of fast sinking air.

NASA artist's rendering of a microburst.
NASA artist's rendering of a microburst.

The Weather Service posted this explanation on their Facebook Page Tuesday.

Based upon the damage, [Heitkamp] estimated the winds associated with the microburst to be 70 to 80 mph. The greatest extent of the damage occurred in the vicinity of the Outdoor Campus at 49th & Oxbow. The Empire East shopping complex also took the brunt of the storm. Damage to the Target store was a result of hail, wind, and a lightning strike.

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