First I find out that my beloved Pumpkin Spice Latte barely has any pumpkin in it and now I discover that Libby's has been canning squash and calling it "pumpkin" for just about - forever!

Epicurious spilled the beans in this article today (September 16) and now I'm just not sure what to think!

They describe Libby's version of "pumpkin" as being a closer relative to butternut squash than pumpkins. They apparently have been growing their own "proprietary strain" of the orangey-type gourd referred to as a Dickinson squash and canning it unbeknownst to us pumpkin lovers.

The FDA apparently gives it a big okey-dokey, because they don't draw a distinction between one squash and another and truth be told most pumpkin varieties (with the exception of the sugar pumpkin) simply don't have the quality of flavor you want in baked goods and everything else. But in any case, you can color me, a very pumpkin-y surprised!

Next you'll tell me there's no cheese in Cheetos, no chocolate in Oreos, no Tooth Fairy, no Easter Bunny and no way to get Windows 10 off your old computer if it downloads automatically!

Source: Epicurious courtesy

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