When you think of the National Football League, one of the first individuals you think of is the late, great, John Madden.

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Even though we no longer can experience the greatness of John Madden since his passing, the NFL plans to continue his legacy with honor on a day that became synonymous with the legend.

The National Football League announced that they will be honoring the former head coach and broadcaster with a special honor on Thanksgiving.

The league will begin an annual "John Madden Thanksgiving Celebration" and it will include numerous events to honor the football legend.

According to the AP, there will be a handful of things that will help with the festivities.

For this year’s games, the “Madden Player of the Game” will have a $10,000 donation made in their name by the NFL Foundation to the youth or high school football program of their choice.

There will also be “John Madden Thanksgiving” logos on the 25-yard lines and a sticker on the back of each helmet featuring an image of Madden with his fist up in the air.

In a statement, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell explained the reasons behind the honor, “No one cared more or contributed more to our game than John Madden. Honoring his memory and impact on the NFL is important and Thanksgiving Day brings all of the elements significant to John to life — family, football, food, and fun.”

On Thanksgiving this year, the NFL has three games on the schedule, Buffalo Bills at Detroit Lions, New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys, and New England Patriots at Minnesota Vikings.

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