I am so tired of hearing about teams being investigated by the NFL for their lack of transparency in their weekly injury reports.

The Seahawks and the Steelers are the latest two teams to be the forefront of such a issue in the NFL.

The Seahawks situation stems from a knee injury with Richard Sherman and may end up costing the team a second round pick in the 2017 NFL Draft because they didn't disclose his injury properly before their playoff game with the Falcons.

The Steelers are currently under investigation as well after it appeared that running back Le'Veon Bell had initally hurt his groin in the playoff game against the Patriots, but after the game, he mentioned to the media that he had been dealing with a groin injury for a while.

The league requires teams to list their players injuries on the weekly report and upgrade or downgrade them depending on the progression or regression of the injury.

This has to stop.

First of all, the pure fact that draft picks could be taken away is flat out rediculous.

Furthermore, I get transparency is important in some cases, but not with injuries.

Fans will claim they need to know the status of players for their fantasy leagues and betting odds.

Some coaches will claim they need to know the extent of certain injuries as they prepare each week.

Both claims may be valid ones, but I could personally care less.

I don't care about your fantasy team and I don't care about injuries impacting preperation.

In fact, the less other teams know about injuries of players on the other team, the more likely we are to get the unpredictable come Sunday.

Make the change NFL, do it now and quit wasting all of our time with injury reports and penalties from them.

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