CareerCast has come out with their annual 'Worst Jobs' list.  They ranked different jobs based on the growth outlook, income, dangerous conditions, and stress.

The worst jobs of 2017 are some of the cornerstones of our society, and great careers for those with the personality types able to face stress (and sometimes danger) head-on.

I can't believe disc jockey is on this list... again. FYI: We prefer 'Radio Personality'.  I love this job. The only thing dangerous about this job is getting caught with your hand in Karla Brown's candy jar.

Karla's Candy Jar
Anthony Wright/Results Radio

Here are the top 10 on '2017 Worst Jobs List"

1. Newspaper Reporter
2. TV Broadcaster
3. Logger
4. Enlisted Military Personnel
5. Pest Control Worker
6. Disc Jockey
7. Ad Sales
8. Firefighter
9. Retail Sales
10. Taxi Driver

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