I like to try new things and when I heard there's an indoor rock climbing gym that allows climbers to come in for a day pass; I knew I had to try it.

I went with a friend who had some prior rock climbing experience and as a complete newbie to the sport, I knew she would be perfect to bring along.

We rented shoes at the counter and purchased liquid chalk that has a 90% proof which, during the time of COVID-19, is quite useful when climbing the same path as someone else you may not know.

Before we were allowed to climb freely from wall to wall, we were given a brief demonstration as to what the different paths were and their difficulties. Along with how to properly dismount the wall when you are climbing down or feel yourself slip.

The amount of upper body strength you will need for rock climbing is no joke. I have some but not nearly as much as I thought I did.

Finding a place for your feet is crucial; this way your arms won't give out on you as you make your way up the wall. And you're not having to pull yourself up each time you move from grip to grip.

But be warned, after you climb around like a monkey for a few hours you're going to have some gnarly looking blisters.

I have about four bandaids on each hand but it was well worth it!

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