The Top 5 Most Popular Pizza's in the United States are...

  1. Cheese Pizza
  2. Veggie Pizza
  3. Pepperoni Pizza
  4. Meat Pizza
  5. Margherita Pizza (basil, fresh mozzarella, and tomatoes)

Who doesn't love pizza? No one, that's who. Everyone loves pizza. What makes a pizza even better? When it's cheap.

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So where can you find the cheapest pizza's in the U.S.?

Turns out up in North Dakota they have the cheapest average price for a cheese pizza at $6.64. The most expensive pizza pies are in Alaska where you can expect to pay an average of $9.21 for a cheese pizza.

South Dakota ranks 11th in the Top States To Find Cheapest Pizzas.

  1. North Dakota - $6.64
  2. Rhode Island - $6.68
  3. Massachusetts - $6.79
  4. Oregon - $6.96
  5. Utah - $7.00
  6. Delaware - $7.01
  7. Ohio - $7.02
  8. South Carolina - $7.10
  9. Virginia - $7.19
  10. Missouri - $7.21
  11. South Dakota - $7.23

And highlighting just how much South Dakotans love our pizza's points out that we have a rather large density of Pizzerias in our state. South Dakota has 29.6 pizza places per 100 thousand residents.

Rhode Island has the largest density of Pizzerias with 37.3 Pizza places per 100 thousand residents. And it's the toughest to find a Pizzeria in Hawaii where they have the least Pizzerias with only have 15.1 per 100 thousand.

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