We all pay for at least one streaming service a month, right? That or we are mooching off of a friend or family member who at least pays for one.

The days of only having cable as a TV entertainment option are long gone, as we have almost too many streaming options.

But you probably have a favorite streaming platform that you return to time and time again, but is your favorite South Dakota's favorite?

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According to a study commissioned by: Electrical Direct, South Dakota's most preferred streaming service? Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prime is also the most preferred streaming platform across the country in thirty-seven other states as well.

Netflix comes in second place at being the favorite in six states.

However, Amazon Prime comes in second place only to Netflix across the globe as the most popular streaming service in 94 countries.

Hulu didn't even crack the top eight most popular streaming services around the world, while Disney Plus wasn't listed as even one of the most preferred streaming platforms across the US.

Now we can subscribe to whatever streaming platform we want but in other countries that isn't the case.

China doesn't allow its citizens to view anything on Netflix, Prime, or Disney Plus, and only allows "government-approved services such as iQiyi and Youku."

Russia follows similar rules and uses a streaming service called Ivi. "In African nations such as the Republic of Congo, Zambia, and Montenegro, Bet+ is the streamer of choice."

Source: Electrical Direct

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