Pet owners state they experience special bonds with their four-legged friends.  For horses especially, a new study demonstrates that these gentle giants can understand human emotions.

According to Bustle, a new study reveals horses remember human faces and understand emotions.  Previous studies have indicated that horses can recognize expressions. The study from the scientific journal, Current Biology is the first to prove "that the animals can not only recognize expressions but can also remember them and link them to a specific face."

Since faces are ingrained in a horse's memory, the horses will react to a person based on their previous facial expression. They link humans' faces with their previous emotions.

Researchers tested this theory by showing horses photographs of humans with happy and angry facial expressions.  Portsmouth researcher, Lauren Proops, recalls their responses to each person in the photograph was almost instant.  "What's very striking is that this happened after just briefly viewing a photograph of the person with a particular emotional expression.  They did not have a strongly positive or negative experience with the person, " states Proops.

Horses cannot verbal speak to us.  But, this is one unique instinct they have to express their feelings towards humans.

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