Chislic is a South Dakota delicacy. And now we finally have the states first South Dakota Chislic Festival.

KSFY TV is reporting that the City of Freeman is holding the states first Chislic Festival, It's going to be held July 28th from 4 pm until dusk on Main Stree in Freeman.

There will be a chislic competition with the top-ranked chislic recipes receiving cash prizes and trophies. They will feature craft beer from across South Dakota and lots of other activities to be announced.

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For those that don't know Chislic is is uniquely South Dakotan. According to Wikipedia this is how the states signature dish is prepared across the state:

In the Brookings area, chislic is deep-fried mutton. In more recent times, it has been common to prepare chislic using lamb meat, which is typically more tender and approachable in flavor. In keeping with tradition, it is seasoned with garlic salt and served with soda crackers and bleu cheese dressing (hot sauce optional). It is thought of as casual bar, café, or family-function fare and is usually eaten using toothpicks and paired with beer. Other innovations or variations of chislic are specified, i.e. "beef chislic."

In the Pierre area, chislic is a marinated meat, dipped in batter and deep-fat fried. It has been offered as an alternative to Rocky Mountain oysters. The marinades vary and are often family secrets.

In the Sioux Falls area, chislic, usually deep fried mutton, is a popular bar food to accompany cold beer. It is often served with garlic salt, soda crackers and hot sauce.

In the Watertown area, chislic, usually deep fried beef, is found on most appetizer menus. Most often served with a side of Ranch dressing.

In the Redfield area, chislic is deep fried beef with a side of toast and Lawry's Seasoned Salt.
In the southeastern South Dakota communities of Menno and Freeman, chislic is generally prepared deep-fried in restaurants.

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